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The peculiar compromises that I make, as a result of my emotions - The Amateur Everything
Half-Competent In Nearly Anything
The peculiar compromises that I make, as a result of my emotions
I didn't even correct her when she said that she thought it was going to be tomorrow (because that's the damnable thing about solidifying plans through messages... I have proof).

I have the day off tomorrow as well though, so now I'm going to be unreasonably ahead and happy, I suppose.

I wasn't obsessive about such things before, but the fact that I didn't insist on correcting the matter right then and there for the sake of sheer accuracy is an important development, over the course of the time since I started this blog.

Normally, not doing so would suggest that I don't care about this person... honesty is the most blatant way that I show my respect for someone. The nuance that's crept in is a different priority: After so many relationships in which guilt was mismanaged by both parties (or even just one), I can safely say that I didn't raise a fuss because I'm interested in the person, rather than their guilt.

The key to some of my philosophies might be this: The title of this entry will be misleading, to some people. They will want to shove in their own interpretation, and it's fantastic that my audience is back to being limited, so that I can have a small break from this mixed benefit/hindrance. I'm not making that compromise for the sake of my current emotions, for the idea that she's... well, neat (but she is!), so much as the fact that I logically know that my near-future emotions are going to likely benefit disproportionate to any minor present relief that I could have gotten from gruffly correcting, "Um, no: Actually, your message said that we'll do Monday."

But, for the sheer sake of comedy, I exclaimed to the air just now,
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