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Ego, The Suppression Of, The Termination Of

There is a distinction among the utmost importance, as one grows older.

Not behaves older, nor dons the trappings of age like a costume, not even the act of accumulating injuries to mind and flesh.

As one grows older, as they mature, certain elements are demanded of individuals, by the very nature of existing long enough for things to happen to themselves, let alone to others.

Today was an okay day. There were mildly irritating parts, good parts, great parts, even. It was not a "bad day." It was not a bad day on Tuesday, even Wednesday or Thursday, although there were certainly temporary annoyances and even outright setbacks.

Well, I suppose I could have stood to have the Chicago Bulls win an additional game in their series against the Miami Heat.

But keeping score won't help, won't serve any purpose. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, today... they were days.

This has been a week, so far. I've had bad weeks and good weeks, but I mostly don't think of them that way.

This has been a week.

Losing a friend from a while back is a coincidence that took place in this week.

Chalking today, when I found out, up to being a "bad day" won't bring him back.

My classmate is dead, one of a fairly small number, from those college daya. It was clearly not a "good week" for him. So it goes.

If it only seems like we mainly lose the better among us too soon, it at least may mean that we place value where it should be due.

R.I.P., Phil Butler.

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