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The Amateur Everything

Half-Competent In Nearly Anything

Zombie #1
21 December 1982
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I'll point you to this picture as a brief introduction to me.

Feel free to snoop around here, I've only ever made a few "Friends Only" Entries (all of which eventually were made public or deleted) for either random invites or not particularly destructive information. If you've got a LiveJournal and you consistently read, just make it known, add me, throw a comment on, or something.
Anonymous (i.e. people who don't have an LJ) commenters should preferably throw up some identifying thing or two.
Basically, you're not smooth if you're just looking through this without a word, you're not a SuperSpy, and any feelings of such is a hint to go look for a job or something to devote all this free time you have towards.

Soon to come: Lists of various sorts. For now, I'll engage my under-stimulated geek side.

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User Number: 897210
Date Created:2003-02-11
Number of Posts: 549

No uproar of a welcome occurs upon return to his once-abandoned university, but a need apparently exists for his presence among small and numerous circles. Just why that is, and if this can be put to some use, are among several questions that can hopefully be answered in the turn of three seasons.
Strengths: A thinker, he obsesses over details and reasons, and thus is usually not the sort to have no idea about something he's encountered before, though a long-repressed love of acting allows him to fake naivete. Everytime it seems like he's been kicked and is going to stay down, he'll spring right back up with twice the intensity. Can last a season in relative social isolation.
Weaknesses: Thinking too much can also mean second-guessing and self-defeats if left unchecked. Despite his analyses, strangely unaware of his positive effects on people he encounters. Occasionally has moments of inexplicable loneliness.
Special Skills: Creating a loud racket, unleashing formed arguments and subsequently opinions, not being any more affected than he needs to be, hiding bodies, Master of the use of the word "bastion," and is slowly becoming knowledgeable about locks, and generally manipulating probability to um... get in doors when people always seem to be entering/exiting.
Weapons: Electric Guitars, bass guitar, and amps, an assortment of ever-ready pens and pencils, fiendish typing and reading speeds, cynic wit, military boots, and near-inexhaustible energy. Not much of a change, but at least a decent trim of the random made-up stats. Holy cow that was ridiculous back then.
Ramblings: A more altered version is set to appear here if I can get my act together, but at the very least I needed to note that I'm no longer in Springfield.

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If you want to bother, I explained over a few entries the particulars of the "Vincent J.Y. Roark" name construction.

Oh yeah, and the "Spike" icon I have there was originally made by mmcalli, by which I mean I swiped it. I apologize, I'm a bad person, ¡but lookatit!... yeah, I lost my manners for a half-decent reason.
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